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Vendor Renter Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) on this day.



The Wellness Company, LLC





(individually the “Vendor”)


This agreement is made and entered into on the this day between the Wellness Company, LLC and your company. Hereinafter referred to as Vendor, assigned Vendor. The Wellness Company, LLC leases to the vendor a designated space located at the address of 416 8th St. Augusta, GA 30901


This will be a six (6) month lease. Lease shall remain in effect until the end of the contract. The Wellness Company, LLC has the right to terminate this lease at any time if vendor violates this lease agreement. The Wellness Company, LLC shall required to provide a written 30-day notice of intent to terminate.


Vendor Responsibilities:

1.  Vendor agrees to rent in advance in the amount of $75 for one (1) 60" x 24" premium shelf or one (1) 36" clothing rack or two (2) 36"x10" shelves on or before the 5th day of each month. First month’s rent is due at the time of signing this contract. Billed on auto draft. All memberships require a six (6) month minimum commitment and require fifteen (15) days notice by email to for non-renewal of lease at the end of the six (6) month commitment. Total rent for this Lease Agreement is $450.

2. The Wellness Company, LLC, agrees to provide a monthly sales report along with payment of sales on or before the 10th day of each month. The Wellness Company, LLC, shall not be responsible for providing a year-end statement to the vendor and does not provide income tax records or a 1099 of vendor product sales to the State or the IRS. It is understood and agreed that it shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor to calculate and report income.

3. The Wellness Company, LLC, does not provide insurance of any kind for the protection of vendor products and fixtures and will not be responsible for loss of such due to theft, breakage, or loss due to fire, flood, roof leaks, acts of God or damage of any kind whatsoever to Vendors’ products, personal property and fixtures. 

4. Vendor is responsible for providing and maintain personal liability and property damage insurance as a Vendor and will designate The Wellness Company, LLC as an "also named insured”. The Vendor shall provide the Wellness Company, LLC with a copy of such insurance certification or policy prior to the effective date of this Lease, at least to the limits of $1,000,000.00.

5. The Wellness Company, LLC reserves the right to remove any merchandise which may be offensive to others, a potential safety or fire hazard or which may not meet the standards of the retail area. Any removed items will be returned to the vendor.

6. Vendor is responsible for providing company logo, product pricing and product details in a timely fashion for inclusion on company website, point of sale system, and social media platforms.


I certify that: 

I am over the age of majority (18 years of age or older)

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