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Morning and Night, apply oil using fingers to massage oil into cleansed beard or area of scalp. Follow-up with a comb or brush.


Softens and Tames hair while Promoting Growth. Reduces skin inflammation. Natural skin moisturiser. Lightweight & silky against skin. Natural sheen. Prevents skin flakes.


Made with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil

Growth Serum Oil

  • Softens & Tames beard while promoting growth. This product is vegan, cruelty-free, cold-pressed, organic, and formulated without water, alcohol, silicone, nuts, and gluten.


    Argan Oil: Hydrate not only your beard, but the skin beneath it. With daily usage, you'll be able comb and also run your fingers through your beard easily without many tangles. Penetrates deeply to alleviate symptoms that stop hair follicles from flourishing.


    Jojoba Oil: Promotes hair growth and reduces the build-up of naturally occurring skin oil (sebum)


    Sweet Almond Oil: Can strengthen hair and makes it less prone to breakage



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