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Dispense foam into your palm, spread it around wet or dry hair, and work it through. Treat our Rose Whipped Hair Foam like a leave-in conditioner. Enjoy!


Made with Rice Protein, Rose Hydrosol, and Lavender Essential Oil.

Whipped Hair Mousse

  • Rose Hydrosol: Nourishing and moisturising properties enhances the quality of your hair, its high levels of flavonoids, and antioxidants help support the hair follicles and promotes growth of new hairs. Rose hydrosol works well as a natural conditioner as it revitalises hair growth.


    Rice Protein: Natural alternative to traditional volumizing agents, which helps improve hair manageability, shine and volume, Rice Protein is an effective treatment that strengthens, detangles, and promotes shine-enhancing and smoothing properties.


    Lavender Essential Oil: Powerful pack of antibacterial and antiseptic properties, Lavender essential oil protects your scalp against bacteria, helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp, prevents hair loss and enables hair growth.

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