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The Wellness Company group fitness classes offer a unique blend of personalized coaching, social interaction, and varied workouts that can lead to significant fitness improvements and a strong sense of community. If you’re considering adding our group training to your wellness journey, know that it can be a great way to be amongst a diverse and vibrant, supportive fitness community.

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Small Group Personal Training

Combining the individualized attention of personal training with the dynamic atmosphere of group exercise classes are what our Small Group Personal Training Programming offers. Personalized Instruction, ensuring that exercises are performed correctly and effectively, a Motivating Environment where participants encourage each other and share their progress, which can lead to higher levels of commitment and better results, and a Cost-Effective way to reach your wellness goals as you share the cost of our trainer’s time, making small group training more affordable than individual personal training sessions.


Whether you want to participate in our Yoga, Small Group Personal Training and or Lunch & Burn, we invite you to experience the benefits of personalized guidance, a supportive community, and an economical path to reaching your wellness goals.

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