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Our Yoga Services

Welcome to The Wellness Company's Yoga page, where tranquility meets vitality. Our private fitness boutique, invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a community of nurturing souls seeking balance and inner peace.

Our Yoga Instructor, Ro

Meet Ro aka "Tha Rogini"! 

With 15 years of experience as a group fitness instructor, specializing in Kemetic Yoga and Vinyasa yoga, Ro is no stranger to alternative health research and implementation. She is dedicated to spreading her knowledge of these ancient practices around the globe. Ro takes pride in being a lifelong student, remaining passionate and focused on all aspects that develop a strong sense of self. As "The Rogini," she encourages growth, engagement, and acceptance of inner power, energy, and vitality.



Zebras in Wild

Sunrise Yoga

As the day awakens, our morning class begins. You unroll your mat, feeling its textured surface beneath your fingertips. The instructor, a serene yogi with eyes that hold ancient wisdom, welcomes you with a smile. The room fills with a collective breath—a promise of renewal.

White Fabric

Midday Monday Mojo & Freedom Flow Friday Yoga

The class flows seamlessly from one asana to another. Sun salutations stretch your spine, awakening dormant energy. Warrior poses ground you, connecting you to the Earth’s pulse. The vinyasa flow becomes a dance—a graceful choreography of strength and surrender.


Wind Down Flow Wednesday

In the heart of the practice, you explore pranayama—the art of conscious breathing. The instructor guides you through Ujjayi breaths, oceanic waves that cleanse and invigorate. With each inhale, you draw in vitality; with each exhale, you release tension.

Class Schedule

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Membership Pricing

  • Lunch & Burn

    Every week
    Valid for 20 weeks
    • Two Lunch & Burn or Yoga Sessions per week
  • Power Play Class Pack

    Every month
    +$50 Joining Fee
    Valid for 6 months
    • Three Small Group or Yoga Sessions per week
  • Bronze Membership

    Every month
    +$50 Joining fee
    Valid for 6 months
    • One Private 30-Minute Personal Training Session per week
    • One 30-Minute Small Group Fitness Class or Yoga per week
    • Nutrition Counseling

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