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Massage a small amount of the lip balm to lips with clean finger tips.


Made with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil and a unique blend of natural flavor oils.

Lucious Lip Balm

  • Coconut Oil: The lauric acid in Coconut oil has nourishing properties that seep into your skin. Some coconut oils absorb quickly, providing moisture to heal dry, chapped lips.


    Beeswax: Beeswax has lubricating, softening activities and reduces trans-epidermal water loss from skin.


    Sweet Almond Oil: Replenishes the lips and prevents them from getting chapped.


    Avocado Oil: Skin softening, Avocado oil contains a substance called sterolin, which helps to give the lips a supple feeling, which is why it is ideal in a lip care.


    Lavender: Soothing and healing properties of Lavendar, offers great relief to dry, chapped lips.


    Lemon: With high antioxidant levels, lemon can help your lips stay luscious by preventing free radicals from damaging the collagen in your lips, keeping your pout plump and pretty.


    Vanilla: High in vitamin E and natural oil, Vanilla acts as a protective lubricant on your lips and nourishes them by locking in moisture.


    Mint: Popular for treating the pigmentation on the lips. Mint works well in lightening the dark patches over the lips effectively. Aside from this, mint leaves also tone up the lips and keeps them hydrated.


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