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Use our Caffeine + Vitamin C under-eye serum as part of your nightly routine


Formulated to with nourishing ingredients Caffeine to reduce puffiness, Niacinamide + Vitamin C to smooth out fine lines and hydrating the under eye area, and Honey to soften and smooth the under eye area.

Caffeine + Niacinamide + Vitamin C Undereye Serum

  • Tap roller ball around the base of the eye area then gently pat around the orbital bone of the eye.

  • CAFFEINE: Reduces inflammation and swelling by constricting its source.


    VITAMIN C: Among the best nutrients to use around the sensitive eye area, it plumps and smooths, this naturally sourced antioxidant has been shown to balance uneven skin tone, boost collagen production, and increase hydration.


    NIACINAMIDE + VITAMINE C: fights pigmentation, reduce blemishes, and helps reduce the production of melanin, which is oftentimes the source of undereye discoloration.

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