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Strength Training Builds Muscle & Burns Fat

Strength training exercises are a powerful way to build muscle and burn fat. Here’s a list of effective exercises for different muscle groups and an explanation of their impact on fat burning:


  • Barbell Bench Press: A compound movement that targets the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids.

  • Seated Cable Chest Press: Engages the chest muscles throughout the entire range of motion and can be adjusted for specific needs.


  • Seated Military Press: Works the entire deltoid region and contributes to shoulder width and thickness.

  • Lateral Raise: Isolates the lateral part of the deltoid, enhancing shoulder width.


  • Barbell Curl: A fundamental exercise that targets the biceps brachii with heavy loads.

  • Preacher Curl: Helps in isolating the biceps and minimizing momentum during the curl.


  • Dips: An effective compound movement that targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders.

  • Seated French Press: Isolates the triceps for focused muscle engagement.


  • Deadlift: A powerful compound lift that targets the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and traps.

  • Lat Pulldown: Focuses on the latissimus dorsi, which contributes to back width.


Impact on Fat Burning Strength training has a significant impact on fat burning. It initiates metabolic adaptations that continue even after the workout is completed. When muscles are loaded through lifting, pushing, or pulling, they release substances that instruct fat cells to start burning fat. This process, known as mechanical loading, leads to cellular changes that enhance fat burning not just in the muscles being worked but throughout the body.

Moreover, strength training can lead to a loss of body fat similar to what might be achieved through cardio or aerobics. On average, individuals can lose around. 4% of their total body fat through strength training alone. This type of training is also critical for maintaining or building muscle strength and size while losing fat.

Combining strength training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cardio, and proper rest can create a regimen that increases metabolism and burns extra calories after the workout, making it a comprehensive approach to fat loss.

Remember, consistency and proper technique are key to maximizing the benefits of these exercises and ensuring safety during your workouts. Join us at The Wellness Company to fully realize these benefits.

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